On a Wednesday, in a cafe




Fun fact: Nothing brings out the worst in people like a sale.

Storebeing: Hello yes today we can offer you 40% off your highest priced item.

Customer: Fantastic! Can I use this other coupon with it?

Storebeing: Um, well we can do two separate transactions, but they don’t stack…

Customer: Ugh, fine. Can I return this thing from the other side of town and ask you to give me the full coupon again because I used it there but I’m not going back there and I probably just bought the cd, burned it, and now I’m trying to get money out of you, but I’ll pitch a fit if you don’t give me what I want?





My mom’s been telling me that being 21 now means I’m officially an adult… I just bought a Marauder’s Map bag from Hot Topic. 

Leave it up to you to run away with your pockets full of the very last of my faith.

-Ally Rhodes, “Pockets”

"I can’t believe you have to work on a Sunday!"


I can’t believe you shop here on a Sunday then are surprised when there’s people here to serve you.


when it comes to taylor swift and new album theories you never know if you’re looking into them too much or not because you could be- but then you remember this woman more or less told us red was the title for her fourth album a year in advance and then again like a few hours before the livestream with a red filter and not a single one of us caught on

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all i care about is that taylor goes on ellen soon

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Imagine if there was a way retail workers could complain about their customers rather than vice versa and then we could check out their reviews just before we served them on a trip advisor for customers and then just be able to decide whether or not we would serve them based on how much of a dick/totally nice person they have been to fellow retail workers

I WISH. That would save us all so much time and energy.